The Beauty of Generative Art


Generative Art refers to artwork that has been created algorithmically, often with the aid of a computer and widely available software. It can be easy to create very beautiful and detailed works with just a few simple rules and some basic programming knowledge. Ranging from the highly chaotic to the extremely ordered and blending everything in between, generative art reflects many of the rules and patterns we observe in nature and strikes a beautiful balance between science and art.

Even though generative art and design actually has a fairly long history through the use of analog systems, its influence continues to grow. Especially with the advent of many open-source applications freely available to download all over the web.


john whitney stills of early generative art John Whitney – Stills of early computer animation

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The Best Places To Get Free Icons


A good collection of icons is one of the most important things a designer can have in his or her toolkit. Icons can cross language barriers and convey abstract concepts in a way that everyone can understand. Here are some of the top places to find free high-quality icons around the web.



The Noun Project
Free for personal and commercial use with artist credit

The Noun Project is a visual dictionary that hosts thousands of icons made by designers from all over the world. Search for just about anything here and you’ll probably find it. All of the icons come free under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Another option is to pay a small fee per icon or you can choose to subscribe and never worry about having to attribute again. You can also download their new desktop app which makes selecting icons for your projects easier than ever. Just drag, drop and you’re done.

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